Annual Report

State of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians

The Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians (WAFP) is the 11th largest state chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). The AAFP has more than 125,000 members. WAFP, having now completed 68 years of serving the family physicians of Wisconsin has 2,900 members and represents 82% of the family physicians in Wisconsin.

  • 1890 Active members
  • 159 Life members
  • 235 Residents
  • 567 Students 

Eighty-four percent of our members report being employed by groups of 50 or more. In a recent membership survey, 74% indicated that they would choose family medicine as their specialty if they had to do it all over again and 80% indicated that they would encourage a medical student to select Family Medicine.

Our key areas of focus for the year:

  • Promote Practice Transformation and Value-Based Payment Reform
  • Promote Patient and Primary Care Physician Advocacy
  • Promote Value of Membership in WAFP
  • Nurture and Develop Physician Leadership
  • Grow and Maintain a Prepared Family Medicine Workforce

2016 Highlights

Promote Practice Transformation and Value-Based Payment Reform

  • Helped members understand the implications of MACRA through a dedicated newsletter and website resourcesl
  • Compiled and published joy in practice and physician well-being resources on the website.
  • Participated in the Wisconsin State Health Innovation Plan project that addressed health care transformation, transformation measurement, payment models and health information technology.
  • Participated in a statewide Team-Based Care advisory council that developed a Patient Centered Team-Based Care Conceptual model.
  • Provided roadshows and virtual meetings on payment reform for members.
  • Redesigned and updated Medical Home resources on the WAFP website.

Promote Patient and Primary Care Physician Advocacy

  • Continued to be the voice of reason for health care policy and the go to medical organization for the legislature and the administration.
  • Helped organize and promote a statewide Doctor Day at the state capital attended by over 80 members, residents and students.
  • Monitored and provided input, testimony and comment on over 30 bills and regulatory proposals including:  Workforce initiatives, scope of practice and opioid use.
  • Raised $10,000 through the WAFP Political Action Committee and Legislative Involvement Fund.
  • Conducted advocacy training at the MCW Winter Refresher Course, both medical school FMIGs and several residency programs.

Promote Value of Membership in WAFP

  • Provided a live KSA (formerly SAM) session for 30 members and collaborated on a multistate virtual KSA session for 150 participants.
  • Continued to roll out the E3 (Engage, Enrich and Energize) programs for member education and involvement.
  • Conducted an annual membership survey of members.
  • Awarded the first Lifetime Achievement in Family Medicine Award.

Nurture and Develop Physician Leadership

  • Identified opportunities to help members develop leadership skills.
  • Collected and posted resources and toolkits for leadership development.
  • Conducted a survey of members regarding the scope and breadth of leadership positions held.
  • Implemented a grant from the Family Medicine Philanthropic Consortium to continue the development of resources for physician leadership.

Grow and Maintain a Prepared Primary Care Workforce

  • Continued collaboration with Wisconsin Hospital Association and Wisconsin Nurses Association on collaboration with team based care development in the state.
  • Continued involvement in the Wisconsin Council on Medical Education and Workforce to address primary care shortages in the state.
  • Engaged two summer externs for 8 weeks.
  • Helped support 50 students to attend the AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students. Supported a National Conference reception for all Wisconsin students, residents and Wisconsin residency programs in attendance.
  • Conducted a survey of current and future preceptors.
  • Presented at each medical school and each residency program in Wisconsin.
  • Continued administration of the PassPort program, which encourages students to apply at Wisconsin residency program.

2016 was an incredibly busy and productive year at the WAFP. We also helped support the reelection of Alan Schwartzstein, MD as vice-speaker of the AAFP Congress of Delegates.

We hope you understand how much the WAFP values your membership. This is a special organization – one that is committed to advancing the specialty of family medicine and the professional growth of Wisconsin family physicians.


Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians 2016 Board of Directors

Board Chair
Mark Thompson, MD
New Glarus
David Deci, MD
Ken Schellhase, MD
1st Vice President
Steve Bartz, MD
2nd Vice President
Lisa Dodson, MD
Foundation President
Janice Litza, MD
Eric Stader, MD
Jim Deming, MD
Eau Claire
Suhail Shaikh, MD
Robert Sedlacek, MD
Cheri Olson, MD
La Crosse
Keren Rosner, MD
Karen Hulbert, MD
Union Grove

Rebecca Lundh, MD

Sabina Singh, MD
Green Bay
Resident Director
Kristen Fox, MD
Student Director
Sabrina Martinez
Resident Director
Kirsten Gierach, MD
Student Director
Lea Heller
WMS Delegate
David Olson, MD
WMS Alternate Delegate
Suzanne Gehl, MD
AAFP Delegate
William Raduege, MD
AAFP Alternate Delegate
Byron Crouse, MD
AAFP Delegate
Andrea Gavin, MD
AAFP ALternate Delegate
Brad Meyers, MD
Ex Officio
Larry Pheifer (Executive Director)
Government Relations Director
Tim Hoven
Ex Officio
Becky Wimmer (Deputy Executive Director;
Foundation Executive Director)

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